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Pic of the week | 2nd May 2022

On Wednesday, April 27th, SpaceX launched the Crew-4 mission to the ISS, carrying 3 NASA astronauts and an ESA astronaut. The crew will stay on the iss for six months, and perform a wide variety of science experiments before returning back to earth.

Daily Hopper | Crew Talk 06

Here are the long awaited answers in our FAQ with Ulrik Falf-Petersen, better known as The Daily Hopper. A rare view behind the scenes of the space communities beloved comics.

Picture of the week | 21st Mar. 2022

NASA’s most powerful rocket, SLS was rolled out to the pad on March 18th. It will now perform a wet dress rehearsal before heading back to the VAB. After that it will once again be rolled out to be launched around the moon.

Picture of the week | 14th Mar. 2022

Today marks the 20th birthday of SpaceX, therefore we chose one of the first -and most iconic- pictures of SpaceX and its employees. Happy birthday SpaceX and happy Pi day everyone!

Picture of the week | 7th Mar. 2022

This time we chose a picture of the magnificent atlas V, which launched the GOES-T satellite to orbit on Tuesday, march 1st. GOES-T is the third sat in the GOES-R series of weather monitoring satellites.

Picture of the week | 28th Feb. 2022

On monday, february 28th, Rocket Lab launched its electron rocket carrying the StriX-β satellite to orbit. This sat is a technology demo for the Japanese company Synspective.

Picture of the week | 21st Feb. 2022

The Polaris Dawn crew spent some time in Starbase ahead of their announcement and saw Starship on the orbital launch pad. Meet the crew here...

Tom Dixon | Crew-Talk 05

What is your favourite rocket and why? My favourite rocket is the Falcon 9 Block 5 as it has kicked off a new revolution in our access to space by reducing the cost per kg to orbit. My favourite configuration is with Crew Dragon as besides it's general awesomeness, it is the first crewed vehicle […]

Picture of the week | 14th Jan. 2022

Last week SpaceX stacked Ship 20 on Booster 4 for the second time. They did this because of the Starship Update by elon musk on Thursday. It was the first time that they lifted a starship with the chopsticks.

Picture of the week | 7th Feb. 2022

On Wednesday, February 2nd, SpaceX launched NROL-87, carrying a classified satellite for the national reconnaissance office to space.

Picture of the week | 31st Jan. 2022

This picture shows Rocket Lab crews training to catch the electron first stage using a helicopter. This will allow them to lower the turnaround time of the booster, and thus make launching it cheaper.

Picture of the week | 24th Jan. 2022

During the past week, United Launch Alliance launched another Atlas V, this was the first launch of the Atlas V 511 “the big slider” variant. This variant has a big fairing and only 1 SRB. The payloads were two GSSAP sats for the US Air Force.

Picture of the week | 17 Jan. 2022

This week SpaceX launched the Transporter-3 mission, carrying 105 satellites to orbit. Afterwards the booster, B1058, landed on LZ-1, creating some beautiful shots.

ErcX: Render Artist | Crew-Talk 04

ErcX is one of the most popular render artists, regularly showing us his work on Twitter. More than 70k fans are following him on the social media platform, many more have seen his posts. His answers to the questions from our community... Why did you start making renders? I’ve always wondered how 3D graphics work […]

Picture of the week | 10th Jan. 2022

This week we chose a picture of the starship orbital integration and catching tower. This week SpaceX did the first testing of the so called chopsticks, in the pic you can see them nearly at the top of the tower.

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