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Picture of the week | 3 Jan. 2022

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein Beitrag geteilt von The Starship Crew (@thestarshipcrew) This week we decided to do something different for picture of the week. We created a recap of the important milestones in space in 2021. Enjoy!

Picture of the week | Dec. 27th 2021

For this week’s pic of the week we have chosen a picture of the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. On December 25th JWST launched to its final destination, Lagrange point 2, where it will arrive 29 days after the launch. Meanwhile Webb will deploy its sunshield and mirrors. The Starshipcrew team wishes you […]

Picture of the week | Dec. 20th 2021

In preparation of the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope on dec. 24th, the telescope got placed on its launch vehicle, the Ariane 5, this week. In the picture you can see JWST in the middle and its fairing to the right. Also notable, the fairing to the left appears to be an Ariane […]

Picture of the week | Dec. 13th 2021

This week we chose a picture of the 10 new astronauts who will get trained in 2022, their training will start in January 2022. The astronauts include Anil Menon, who has also served as medical director for SpaceX and Christina Birch, who participated in the 2020 olympics as track cyclist. The other astronauts are Nichole […]

Felix Schlang (What about it!?) | Crew-Talk 03

Felix Schlang, creator of the YouTube Channel What about it!? answers questions from our social media community on Discord and Instagram. How does a channel with almost 225k subscribers affect your life and what part of a brownie does he prefer? Find out the answer to these and additional questions... What was your reason for […]

Picture of the week | Dec. 6th 2021

Here is a picture of Ship 20, made by RGVaerial photography, in which you can see Ship 20 with open flaps. On Wednesday, S20 tried to perform a static fire test, which failed, the same day SpaceX also tested B2.1, a test tank, which supposedly went successful.

Picture of the week | Nov. 29th 2021

This week, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) lifted of from Vandenberg air force base. This mission is a test of a planetary defense system designed to protect the earth from potentially dangerous asteroids. It is supposed to move asteroid dimorphos, which poses no threat to earth, slightly off course.

Picture of the week | Nov. 22nd 2021

This time, we chose this picture as picture of the week. It shows the engine section of Booster 4, the booster that will support the launch of Ship 20 to orbit. SpaceX is working hard at it’s Boca Chica site to work towards a potential flight in Q1 2022, pending regulatory approval.

Picture of the week | Nov. 15th 2021

On Friday, November 11th, SpaceX performed a 6-engine static fire of S20, the first of its kind. The test was successful and paves the road towards a potential orbital flight of starship superheavy early 2022. Follow us on Twitter: out the video of the SF: our last Crew-Talk Episode: Austin DeSisto | Crew-Talk […]

Picture of the week | Nov. 7th 2021

For this week’s picture we chose this pic showing Thomas Pesquet with two SpaceX suits taken on the ISS. While the crew-3 launch has been delayed because of some minor health issues, crew-2’s return to earth has also been delayed for bad weather. While the crew is waiting to return from the ISS they are […]

Austin DeSisto | Crew-Talk 02

Hello! My name is Austin DeSisto, a photographer and writer at Everyday Astronaut ( Based in Massachusetts, United States, we do not get a lot of rocket stuff up here. In addition, being 17 restricts me to the places I can travel. Luckily, I have very awesome parents that allow me to go to places […]

Picture of the week | Nov. 1st 2021

Our first picture of the week shows the Crew-3 Astronauts which will launch on Wednesday, November 3rd inside Crew Dragon. The launch vehicle will be a Falcon 9 and the pad is located at Kennedy Space Center. We want to wish the Astronauts good luck and a smooth trip to space! Check out the official […]

Joe from | Crew-Talk 01

Hi I’m Joe, the owner of on Instagram and a member of The Starship Crew admin. I’ve been fascinated by Space and astronomy pretty much my entire life (yes very cliché I know) but was not particularly intrigued by spaceflight until relatively recently. The first ever SpaceX launch I watched live was the Falcon […]

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