Felix Schlang (What about it!?) | Crew-Talk 03

Felix Schlang, creator of the YouTube Channel What about it!? answers questions from our social media community on Discord and Instagram. How does a channel with almost 225k subscribers affect your life and what part of a brownie does he prefer? Find out the answer to these and additional questions...

Felix Schlang at Starbase (Image: @CosmicalChief)

What was your reason for starting WAI? (And how has your life changed since you started WAI?) 

I have always had a strong affinity for the media business. In particular, video and music production. At the same time, I was always very interested in Space and Astronomy! Being an educator about Space was always my dream. Being able to combine that with media production was a dream come true.

After creating the channel, my whole life changed. I find my work meaningful. That on its own changed my mindset and the way I approach my life. Being a part of the space community in such a way is extremely rewarding to me. It's an honor and an immense pleasure!

What brought you into the space community?

Challenger. It's my first memory of a Space related topic. After that, I was hooked. Why could people want to do something so hazardous? It must be extremely worth it! Then came astronomy. Being able to see Planets, Stars, and Nebulae with my own eyes. 

Until I rebranded my channel, it was called “What about it!? The need for knowledge.” That's what brought me into the space community. That need to know more. Before starting my own channel, I was a passionate fan of YouTubers like Tim Dodd, Scott Manley, or Joe Scott. I still am. I just don't have the time to watch them anymore.

What is your favorite rocket, and why?

That's a tough one to answer. It's like asking about your favorite Sci-Fi movie or band or song. Can we go top 3? Saturn V, Soyuz, Starship. Saturn V for the historical importance. Soyuz for its beauty. Starship for opening up the next chapter in space exploration.

What do you think of Neutron? Do you think it will succeed? 

As long as it can serve its niche, it will have success. It’s a unique design, and it looks sound to me. It goes for reusability. Something that old Space still hasn't really understood. Anything reusable will have a chance. Everything that is not won't. 

What's better, the edge or the middle of a brownie?

I am German. Brownies are not very common in Germany. That said, there's a similar question I have spent a decent amount of time on. What's the perfect bite on a Pizza. Identical to the Brownie question, I believe that the bite that has a bit of everything is the best. So, that would be on the edge. It has a crunchy edge and the softer bit from the middle. That's such a nerd question btw.

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