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Pic of the week | 2nd May 2022

On Wednesday, April 27th, SpaceX launched the Crew-4 mission to the ISS, carrying 3 NASA astronauts and an ESA astronaut. The crew will stay on the iss for six months, and perform a wide variety of science experiments before returning…

Picture of the week | 14th Jan. 2022

Last week SpaceX stacked Ship 20 on Booster 4 for the second time. They did this because of the Starship Update by elon musk on Thursday. It was the first time that they lifted a starship with the chopsticks.

Picture of the week | 31st Jan. 2022

This picture shows Rocket Lab crews training to catch the electron first stage using a helicopter. This will allow them to lower the turnaround time of the booster, and thus make launching it cheaper.

Picture of the week | 24th Jan. 2022

During the past week, United Launch Alliance launched another Atlas V, this was the first launch of the Atlas V 511 “the big slider” variant. This variant has a big fairing and only 1 SRB. The payloads were two GSSAP…